Facebook Like button not showing in FireFox


facebook like buttonWhen setting up my site, I wanted to use the nice ‘Facebook Like Button’. After searching the net, I found this blog Cordobo where is explained how you can add this button to your site.

After adding the code to my WordPress template, the button didn’t show up. I tried some modifications to the code, but to no success.

Then I started to search the internet and I only found topics about the Facebook Like Button not showing up in IE:


I tried them all, but with no luck. I was blaming my local FireFox installation and was about to reinstall it. Then I thought of the plugins / addons I am using with FireFox.

– Shutting down Firebug – no luck
– Shutting down AdBlockPlus (ABP) – bingo!

So ABP is blocking the like button! @#$@!

To resolve this issue:
click on the ABP logo in your browser -> Preferences
Find the line that says ‘||facebook.com/plugins/like.php?*’ and empty the checkbox behind it. Now refresh your page and all should be well!

AdBlockPlus - facebook like


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